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COVID-19 STATEMENT:As all of our patients should be aware, Tide Wellness is deeply concerned about your health.  There are simple steps anyone can do to help protect themselves from illness.  When it comes to a viral illness, these include handwashing, keeping hands away from their face and mouth, and not eating or drinking after others.  Many of the things we educate patients about daily are also important.  These include eating nutritious foods, staying hydrated, getting adequate rest, and maintaining vitamin D levels.  We are committed to continue serving those who are attempting to improve their health during this period.  This will include operating normal hours as we will implement as much additional cleaning as possible after hours.  However, there may be a slight delay at times if a room is being disinfected.  We would also ask that anyone who is exhibiting signs of illness, doesn’t feel well, or has been exposed to another who is ill to refrain from visiting the clinic at this time.  These individuals may have any questions addressed over the phone at no charge.​

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At Tide Wellness, we recognize there is no magic to weight loss.  Our patients are ultimately responsible for their success, so we don't charge as if we are losing the weight for you.  If you are looking for access to modern weight loss tools at a reasonable price, look no further than Tide Wellness.  Call today for more information or  to schedule your first visit.