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At Tide Wellness, we recognize there is no magic to weight loss.  Our patients are ultimately responsible for their success, so we don't charge as if we are losing the weight for you.  If you are looking for access to modern weight loss tools at a reasonable price, look no further than Tide Wellness.  Please review the first visit information tab below and then give us a call to schedule your initial visit.

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Over the last few months, Tide Wellness has positioned itself to care for more of our patients’ needs.  One of the difficulties of the last few years has been treatment for sick patients.  We have now rented a new space so we can see those who are ill and still allow for a larger number of well patients in our traditional location.  If you have an acute illness and your regular doctor is unable to see you, we will do our best to see you here.  Most insurance will be accepted and basic lab will be on site.  These urgent care services will prioritize you, the Tide Wellness patient.  We would ask that you call ahead to ensure a time that will work for you and available providers.  The number to employ is 205-331-4904.  Leave a message if it is not answered and we will check it regularly.


Physician supervised and a team of weight loss professionals who want to see you succeed!

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Current patients can now text your weight in to (659) 228-3704. 

Please include name, date of birth, which office you visit and weight in your text.